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Johanna Koivu is an experienced performance coach specialized in charisma, performance fear and social anxiety. Johanna is also a mental coach and an experienced actress and musician. Now Johanna shares her top tips for a good performance. Enjoy - these are all free!

The importance of preparation

In terms of the performer's self-esteem, it is essential to prepare the material to be presented as thoroughly as possible. When you know that you have prepared for the future situation as well as possible (within the limits of your time and energy, of course), you have created a strong foundation that will not be knocked down by small setbacks or technical problems. When you stand firmly behind your cause thanks to careful preparation you will be less nervous and tolerate an exciting situation better. Good preparation is an excellent medicine against stage fright.

A well-written speech looks good on paper, but does it fit in your mouth and how does it sound when spoken out loud? A speech or presentation read directly from paper can easily sound wooden and the performance can leave your audience cold.

  • Think about what is the extra that your listeners will get from listening to YOU and not just anybody presenting this particular content.

  • Also consider what is the extra that your listeners get by this content being presented live.

  • How do you stand out? Why should your audience come and listen to YOU and not just anybody?

  • What are your strenghts as a performer?

Rehearsing your own performance in front of a home audience or recorded on video and analyzing the content afterwards is a great way to get experience of what a real situation feels like and what legalities guide it.

  • How does your expression change when you are in front of an audience?

  • How do you get your audience to listen to you?

  • What is essential for your performance at this very moment?

Now put these lessions into practise. Begin your personal development journey to become a skilled and charismatic performer. It's the practise that counts. So be brave and start today!

And if you want to get a professional opinion, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will help you to become the best version of yourself! Let's talk more.

Stage fright, stage fear or social anxiety? I have created you the Eroon esiintymisjännityksestä -concept, where you can combine personal performing coaching (live or video call) and an effective online course.

Wishing you great performances! ❤ Shine bright!  ❤ Johanna

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